Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Week In Pictures No. 1

1. Fresh fish skewers
2. Peach Belinis- ended up getting very drunk!
3. Set up for a family BBQ
4. My beautiful little kitten- Monty
5. I thought it was cool to put my bracelet on him... dont report me to the RSPCA he loved it ;)
6. Starting the review of my weightloss book with a cup of tea
7. Greek Mezze
8. Most unreal chicken burger EVER!
9. My Reebok Classics, i belong in the 90s

Only just started using Instagram so bear with me till the photos start getting better! Also, make sure you follow me on there and on twitter- JasmineLWillis for both!
Hope you've had a lush week

Love Jasmine

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