Monday, 4 April 2011

I need...

Oh  my, i do love blogging! Why didn't i do this before?!
I've put together a few things I am obsessing over and very much want in my life, but at this moment in time my bank balance is... well I cant even afford one of the items!
  • Polka dot dress- Topshop
I first saw this in the shop and it caught my eye, but after seeing Molly from The Saturdays wearing it in a magazine I fell in love! Im obsessed with this colour atm and its very in for Spring time. I just love how cute it is! I hope I manage to save up enough money before it'sout of stock :(.
  • String Trilby- Topshop
Ok so they have been in for ages, and I have always loved them... but I live in Newcastle, and i dont wanna disrespect the geordies because I love them! But I wouldnt say it's the most fashion forward city in the world. Also when I told my friends I wanted a trilby they said they look stupid... but I've decided I love this hat too much and it would be lush for summer!  
  • Black Mary Jane's- Toshop
So i will never ever have the confidence to walk in heels this tall due to my height issues but it doesn't mean I cant dream! I just love these, so classic and would go with so much... damn my lack of confidence and inability to shrink!
  • Cross Earings- Fashionology
These have been flying around youtube for a long time thanks to the amazing Sammi from Beauty Crush and i have always admired them but now, I NEED them!!
  • Lower arm cuff- Fashionology
I love how simple this is! Yet I think very beautiful. Cant wait to be paid!!!!

Love Jasmine

Saturday, 2 April 2011

F@#k them...

Image taken from

Hello! This blog post is random, spontaneous and well.. just random. It's actually nearly 2am but I can't sleep and I'm brimming (right word?) with anger. As my boyfriend has no phone battery, people have gone to bed and I'm not exactly camera ready.. I feel the need to vent on my new blog :).

Now this may not specifically apply to a great deal of people but I hope in general it could do? about anything, any insecurities you may have about yourself... I dont wanna sit here and say "you are beautiful, everyone is beautiful in their own way" and all that stuff, personally I cant say that kind thing to myself as I just dont believe it abot me. BUT i will say a massive F@#k YOU to anyone who tries to tell you that you are anything but beautiful, my issues are my own... and noone else has the right to comment.

I am tall, so what? take a fucking look at Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen, Kate Moss.... just whoever, and there you have some of the most beautiful women in the world. AND THEY ARE ALL TALL. Someone posted a disgusting status on facebook today (2 actually)... one being along the lines of "I'ts obvious if a girl is nearly 6ft then she has a shlong (penis just incase you didnt know haha)" basically labelling all women who are taller must be men, or be compared to men. I'm sure people are reading this and thinking maybe I am pathetic for making a post about this? But I am sick of height being something so negative... well at least in the normal world it is, if I were say a size 0 and on the runway it may be a different matter :P. But at the end of the day most of us are just normal, and if you are 4'11 or 6'11 you are still fucking normal.

Writing this now I'm a little unsure where im going with it haha and it is starting to feel kinda pointless! But I just basically wanted to say, who cares if you're tall, short, fat, skinny.. whatever, no one else has the right to make you feel like you aren't normal... because I admit, when i read that status i felt like i was a freak and it made me cry a little. Because I'm 5'11 i should be seen as a man or something? But no, after thinking about it I am completely normal... i may not be "average" but I am normal. I may never be able to embrace my height like so many other inspiring women can but thats my issue, and I wont be made to feel bad by anyone else.

Sorry that was totally not inspiring like I had intended it to be, but you know... as long as you are happy with yourself and who you are, fuck everyone else.

Love Jasmine

Thursday, 31 March 2011

First haul ;)

eeek! first proper post :)... thought i'd start off with something simple like a haul, especially since I went shopping yesterday :| (i should have been in college, tut tut)

Unfortunatley I seem to be permanently poor at the moment... so H&M, Primarni and Superdrug were about as exciting as it got for me. I also got my mama a mother's day present, but I wont post that on here incase she ends up seeing it...


  • Acid/Stone wash Jeggings - H&M - £14.99
  • Leopard Tshirt- H&M - £9.99
  • Floaty black and white feather top - Primark - £8.00
  • Long White Shirt (needs an iron!) - Primark - £12.00
  • Brown Belt - Primark - £2.00
  • Leopard Print Nail Foils (AMAZING!!!- im wearing them now) - £3.00
  • Gosh Nail varnish in Miss Sweety - Superdrug - £4.95
  • Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique trio Nail varnish in "Princess" - Superdrug - £8.19
  • Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique trio Nail varnish in "Rain Fall" - Superdrug - £8.19
Lovinggg my purchases so far! If you shop in Primark then you must 100% try out the nail foils, and at £3.00 what do you have to lose? they are easy to apply personally I think my nails look beautiful... pictures maybe??
One thing i would say is, the sizes for each nail are on the small side... i personally have quite small nails so it's ok, but my mum has a large thumb nail and none of them would fit her, just something to bare in mind.

I'm gonna wear the jeggings with the leopard Tshirt and a blazer tomorrow, with a pair of brown brogues :).

Hope you enjoyed my first post! I definitley enjoyed making it.

Love Jasmine

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Little introduction.....

Hello lovelies!!

So I finally decided to make a blog! I’ve always wanted one but I’m very sceptical about the fact no one will read it :( . I now have over 1000 subscribers on youtube.. others may laugh at my sense of achievement at 1000 when they have like, 100000?! But to me, its amazing that 1000 people would wanna watch and listen to me! But yeah, basically that tiny milestone gave me the courage to start this.

So here is my blog! I think it will also help me tackle subjects I’ve always wanted to through video but never had the courage to do so. I’m a bit of a wimp.
My videos are just tutorials, hauls and tags really… but I wanna do outfits of the day, ramble about diets, weight, confidence and all that jazz. 

This first blog post isn't particularly interesting but it's just a little intro :). Also i need a name for my blog, a good one... "Jasmine make up" and "xcrankit1" just dont cut it, and they irritate me everytime i see them now haha! Dirty Ice Cream just happened to be the song i was listening to at the time so i wacked it on but im looking for something better and more exciting, suggestions would actually be lovely.  

I can't wait to do my first real post! It's creepy how excited i am :P.

Love Jasmine 

P.s.  Just a thank you to those who subscribe to me, liked me on facebook and now hopefully follow my blog :). You make me veryyyyy happy.