Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Little introduction.....

Hello lovelies!!

So I finally decided to make a blog! I’ve always wanted one but I’m very sceptical about the fact no one will read it :( . I now have over 1000 subscribers on youtube.. others may laugh at my sense of achievement at 1000 when they have like, 100000?! But to me, its amazing that 1000 people would wanna watch and listen to me! But yeah, basically that tiny milestone gave me the courage to start this.

So here is my blog! I think it will also help me tackle subjects I’ve always wanted to through video but never had the courage to do so. I’m a bit of a wimp.
My videos are just tutorials, hauls and tags really… but I wanna do outfits of the day, ramble about diets, weight, confidence and all that jazz. 

This first blog post isn't particularly interesting but it's just a little intro :). Also i need a name for my blog, a good one... "Jasmine make up" and "xcrankit1" just dont cut it, and they irritate me everytime i see them now haha! Dirty Ice Cream just happened to be the song i was listening to at the time so i wacked it on but im looking for something better and more exciting, suggestions would actually be lovely.  

I can't wait to do my first real post! It's creepy how excited i am :P.

Love Jasmine 

P.s.  Just a thank you to those who subscribe to me, liked me on facebook and now hopefully follow my blog :). You make me veryyyyy happy.

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